Volunteer Eligibility Policy



  • 18 Years of Age

  • Capable of running 1 mile (Running Site Only)

  • Passionate about development of girls

  • Able to communicate and relate to 7-12-year-old girls

  • Positive role model

Junior Mentors:

  • 13-18 Years of Age

  • Capable of Running 1 mile (Running Site Only)

  • Past BIO Girls Participant

  • Demonstrates leadership capabilities

  • Positive role model


  • Commit to weekly 2-hour meetings for 12 weeks

  • Miss no more than 2 sessions

  • Consent to background check (over 18)

  • Attend Mentor orientation and any subsequent trainings

  • Communicate regularly with Site Director

Working with children and youth is a unique privilege. It’s an opportunity to positively impact the life of a young person at a key point in their development. 

For the safety and development of our participants BIO Girls does not allow volunteers who are or have been:

  • Accused, arrested, charged or convicted of child abuse or molestation

  • Convicted of a felony (any)

  • Charged with an offense involving a child or minor regardless of date

  • Charged with a misdemeanor in the last 12 months 

  • User of illicit drugs; uses alcohol or controlled substances in an excessive or inappropriate manner; or in treatment for substance abuse. If a substance abuse problem has occurred in the past the applicant must have completed a non-addictive period of at least five years.

  • Diagnosed with a severe mental health illness; or hospitalized with a severe mental health illness in the past three years. Note: A diagnosis of depression and/or anxiety does not automatically disqualify potential volunteers.

Volunteer applicants are asked to disclose any information during the application process related to the information above. Volunteers will not be accepted if information has been falsified during the screening process.

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