Women of the Year

"The ceiling of the generation before us, serves as the floor to ours."

One week ago, the 46th Annual YWCA Women of the Year event was held here in Fargo, ND.

What. A. Night. 35 women and organizations were chosen to be honored for their passions, service and achievements here within the Fargo-Moorhead community. Let me tell you – it was one incredible, inspiring evening.

Among the 35 nominees chosen was our very own BIO Girls Founder and Executive Director, Missy Heilman. The night began by recognizing each woman and organization for the true movers, shakers and trail blazers they are:

We were bummed to find out Missy didn't win YWCA's Women of the Year. However, little did she know, she had won something different... Missy continues to lead as Site Director at the original BIO Girls site, held at Olivet Lutheran Church. The evening following the event, BIO Girls Olivet met for their 11th week of the 2019 season.

With a crown, flowers and shooting star trophy, the participants and mentors at Olivet reminded Missy she will always be the BIO Girls Woman of the Year. Missy's introduction from the Women of the Year event was read aloud for mentors, volunteers and BIO Girls to hear.

Missy was surprised to find she did indeed win a Women of the Year award - BIO Girls Woman of the Year.

We are grateful for Missy's passion, vision, accomplishments and every stride she's taken to make an impact on girls in so many communities.

She is fearless.

She is BIO. She is Missy Heilman.

Congrats, Miss!

- The BIO Girls Team

Macy Francisco