Race Night

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Just like that, 12 weeks flew by and these girls set goals, worked hard, took risks, battled through adversity, cheered each other on and can now walk away with accomplishing something more than they thought possible. Roughly 1/3 of our sites have finished their 2019 seasons.


In the Fargo-Moorhead area, 260 girls rocked out the Sanford Health Fargo Marathon 5k and WOW was it a blast. We can't thank all the fans, parents, grandparents, family and all of the BIO Girls supporters enough!

As a mentor at the Fargo Hope Lutheran site, I ran the race with my four running group gals... and let me tell you - they were grinning ear to ear with every BIO Girls sign, cheer and poster we passed. You all have a tremendous impact on these girls! THANK YOU!It really brings the BIO Girls "WHY" full circle to see existing sites and new sites finish their seasons. Looking forward to more season recaps in the next few weeks!

It really fills our buckets hearing from participants and their family members about how BIO Girls has impacted them! Here are a few responses we got:

"The undeniable sense of accomplishment 'I did it' when she finished the 5k is something I believe will be life changing for her."

"When we were talking about her worries, she shared a tactic she had learned from her mentor to keep calm and relaxed -- that tells me she learned something that stuck!"

"She is more willing to be herself and not concerned if people like the same things or people she likes."If you have a story about BIO Girls has impacted you, your community, your BIO Girl or those around her, we would love to hear from you!

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Empowered to be imperfect. These girls are BIO. #BIOGirls #BIOGirlsStrong