Registration FAQ


How does the lottery system work?

BIO Girls registration is through a third-party software system, Raceplanner. Raceplanner protects confidential information and is used to conduct a fair random lottery. Registration for each BIO Girls site will open for a designated registration period, closing on a given date.

If the site receives more registrations than spots available a lottery selection will take place to fill the roster. All girls NOT selected will be placed on a waiting list. Should a girl drop out and a spot opens up before the 2nd session, BIO Girls will queue the system to randomly select a replacement from the wait-list.

If the site does not reach the maximum number of available spots, all girls will be registered participants of that site. Registration will then re-open on a first-come, first basis until the maximum number of participants has been reached.

Registration will close 3 nights prior to the 2nd BIO Girls session for that site.

Why does BIO Girls use a lottery system for registration?

In many communities, BIO Girls is a very high-demand program. Often rosters were filling

in less than five minutes. The lottery system provides equal access and equal opportunity to

register, allowing all girls the same opportunity to participate.

What is the process for sisters?

Sisters are treated as individuals keeping the lottery truly random.

What is the cost?

The participant fee for BIO Girls is $65.

When am I charged for the program?

Once lottery has taken place and you have been randomly selected a confirmation email will come from the registration software, Raceplanner, and your payment will be processed immediately.

If you are NOT selected in the lottery your payment will not be processed.

How will I know if my daughter is selected?

If selected to participate a confirmation email will come from our registration software, Raceplanner. If NOT selected to participate a regret email will come from BIO girls.

What is the Refund Policy?

BIO Girls will issue a full refund, minus $3.00 for the processing fee, up until 1 week prior to the start date for the site location in which the participant is registered. No refunds will be issued within 1 week of the start date or after the start date.