Change Your Life and Your Butt


Catch your attention?  Seems a little un-BIO-like huh?  

Let me explain. I was gifted a subscription to Women's Health magazine this year. In theory, this publication sounds like it would be right up my alley.  To be honest, I haven't had a lot of time to sit down and read the issues so they end up sitting on my coffee table until they hit the recycle bin.

However, when I received the April issues a few months back, it made me stop in my tracks. The most prominent headline read, "The Move that will Change Your Life and Your Butt."


This. Is. Why. BIO Girls. 

A magazine titled - Women's Health - touting that a single 'move' can change your life. And your butt.

Our girls are being filled with messages that tie a 'good butt' to a happy life.  Messages that your eyebrows need to be fuller, your belly isn't flat enough and your butt needs work. Messages that tie their self-worth to physical beauty standards created by manufacturers of the products that will be the 'miracle'.

Although I'd argue we adults still struggle with the 'ideal beauty' standards of our society, we as adults have the maturity and mental capability to laugh off the headline as a way to sell more magazines. However, our adolescent girls do not. They see the same headlines glorifying beauty. They see the advertisements promising to make miraculous changes. They see social media posts which show only the 'best of' everyone's life. What thoughts does this create? You need to be beautiful. You need to change. Your life isn't perfect

At BIO Girls we are working to educate these girls on these unrealistic standards, help them understand they are beautifully created in God's image and they should look upward and inward for acceptance...not outward. 

We are empowering our girls to be imperfect - and to be perfectly fine with it.  

P.S. If you are wondering about the move that will change your life?  A dead lift? I've done a few of those in my lifetime...definitely not life-changing. Volunteering at the Emergency Food Pantry or connecting with a mentor or setting a big, hairy audacious goal - those things can be life changing.