What Parents Say

Each year we ask parents to complete a post-season survey to get feedback on the BIO Girls program - what went well and what we can improve upon.  We are at the mid-way point of our 2019 season with approximately 50% of sites complete. We thought it may be a good time to share preliminary feedback with you (sample size of 120 unique responses). 70.6% of participant responses are first year participants.


  • 87.3% of parent rated the program as exceptional

  • 73% said their BIO Girl's experience was exceptional

  • 95% of parents would recommend the program to others

The mission of our organization is to increase the self-esteem of participants.  

74% of parents saw a noticeable increase in self-esteem in their BIO Girl(s). 

Parents said this:

  • "I have seen a remarkable growth in confidence in my daughter in the last couple years, and I attribute much of it to BIO girls."

  • "My BIO Girl is more willing to try new things and her confidence increased to know she can do them. She now sees herself as BIO instead of 'fat'."

  • "I have noticed her willingness to step out in faith and be brave in certain social situations."

75.6% of parents reported participation in BIO Girls resulted in positive changes in other areas of her life.

Here is what parents said: 

  • "I've noticed that she is much more appreciative of everything and everyone around her and has much more confidence."

  • "She is more self assertive and advocates for herself."

  • "She's been able to use her learnings to influence friends who were not participants."

What did participants like best?

image (6).png

What did participants like least?

We are continually working to ensure our program is accomplishing our mission. Many of the comments in response to the 'what can we improve' question centered around the fact some girls don't like to run or find it difficult to run. And at-home running workouts continue to be a source of struggle.

We are proud to be piloting new program types in 2020 to offer the program to girls who may not desire to run.  If our research data confirms the effectiveness of those program types, we will look to expand these options outside of the Fargo-Moorhead community in the future.

~ Missy Heilman